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10 June 2009 @ 12:49 pm
I've got a couple of new and exciting things to tell you guys!

First! I've got the cutest "Love Birds" Flannel Mini pad up for a lottery here. No purchase necessary to win, just simply leave a comment! The winner will be picked on June 30th. I'll even boot the shipping for anywhere in the world!

Second! I've got tons of new pads and bags up at my Etsy shop! I've made a bunch of pads in a special Moda Monkey Yearbook print that you can't find on the Saucytots site!

Third! I wanted to give you a nice big 20% discount on any CUSTOM orders! I've been so ahead of myself lately on orders, they don't take any longer than 2 weeks to ship (None of that month waiting time like in the past!) I've got a few new prints as well! So don't forget to use the code CustomLove @ saucytots.com or just shop by following this link!

Free mini!

Some of the New prints!